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IDS Offshore is pioneering air deployed response systems for long range protection from oil spills.

Oil usually ends up on our beaches and sensitive coastal areas when a spill occurs. Our project aims to stop this by quickly containing oil at the source where possible, and deploying long barrier booms to help protect coastline. Our first-response systems are deployed from aircraft because of their range and speed.

Oil spill response technology is not our sole focus. We are also developing other technologies for marine environmental preservation and safety.

IDS Offshore was founded by René Lange with generous support of the NRC Ocean Technology Enterprise Center and PJ Gardnier Institute at Memorial University to develop air deployed spill response systems - an idea that came to life as a senior design project in Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering at Memorial University in the spring of 2005.

Image courtesy of Memorial University (click to redirect)
NRC Facilities, Memorial University and the city of St. John's in 
background. Cape Spear (top right) is the most easterly point of 
North America. Image courtesy Memorial University.

René Lange began work on the concept for his Term 7 Senior Design Project. He was joined by classmate Matthew Murphy in Term 8 where the two completed a series of scale model tests in the lab and testing tank.

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